Monday, 17 September 2012

It's Time to Make a Change!

Every now and then something inspires you to make a change. This is one of those moments.

Over the past few weeks my wife and I have watched more documentaries than I can remember. Everything from 9/11 and UFO conspiracy theory movies to political and environmental docs. But it was a few health related documentaries that really got us riled up enough to make some big changes in our lifestyle.

It started with the movie Burzynski which if you haven't seen you must. A cure for Cancer may already exist. Watch the movie and make up your own mind. A few docs later it culminated with Forks over Knives. Once again, if you haven't see it, it's worth your time.

The evidence in a lot of these movies is pointing in one direction - what we eat is killing us. Our society is overweight, over diseased, and over prescribed drugs. It's time we start doing something about it.

My wife and I have decided to cut out all animal and dairy products from our nutrition. This is no easy decision since I live off of steak and cereal. But we are going to do it cold turkey. The decision became a little easier when we heard milk described as liquid flesh and were reminded of the parents and/or children of the steak we eat.

So tomorrow our journey will begin. We're going to order a juicer, pick up a food processor and lots of fruits and veggies which I am definitely not accustomed to.

I'll track my progress on this blog regularly so check back often. My hope is that I will achieve results that will inspire you to make a change. If not, the next steak is on me.

Stay tuned...

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